Startup Meetups

Meet a CEO of a startup or company, executives and really interesting people from the entrepreneurship world in a very informal breakfast/afterwork or dinner! 

Only 8 people will be allowed to go to this event as we want to make it a very exclusive and succesful meetup. The goal is for you to finish the come together with a new friend! 

To be  able to come you will have to apply to come! Answering some questions will be required.  CV (optional)


The price will depend on the type of event  (breakfast, afterwork or dinner) and we will tell you in advance


Transport is not included but you can talk to the e3 staff that will come with you to see if they can offer a ride! 

Upcoming Startup Meetups
Mon, Oct 12
El Bestial
Ecooltra Startup Meetup (1)
Conoce a Jan Trullàs, Global Head Of Business Development de Cooltra Motos y preguntale en un afterwork en el Bestial todo lo que quieras saber sobre ecooltra, creación de una Startup y más! Vuelve con un amigo mas del mundo emprendedor! ¿A qué esperas? (Precio: 5 € + tu copa)

Frequently asked questions

Where will the event take place?

We will change the location everytime! We want to make the host happy and also provide a unique experience every time! This meetup will be very informal and we want to ensure that the place provides us with the same feeling. We hope you like the place and do not worry, we will tell you before you can register where will the event take place.

How much will I have to pay?

It really depends on the place and the type of event If it is a dinner, we will tell you in advance how much the dinner costs, as we will arrange a closed menu. For the afterwork it can vary. In occasions you will just pay for your drink and in other occasions before going to event. (It depends on the place we go) Breakfast will work the same as the afterwork.

If I register, does that mean that I automatically go to the startup meetup?

Nope! When you register, you answer some questions & upload your CV, with that we select the best 8 candidates to go to the dinner!

Will the startups meetups be in spanish or english?

Both! We will try to make as many as we can in english, but we cannot always ensure the host will speak the language. We will make sure to let you know the language the event will be hosted in before you apply.

Contact us! 

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