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Thu, Nov 05
Bootstrapping a Deep Tech IoT Startup
Meet Robert Heinecke, Co-Founder and CEO of Breeze Technologies, in our webinar and ask him anything you want to know about his experience, the creation of his Startup and more!!
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Wed, Jul 08
Scale ups in fintech: Crossing the chasm during COVID-19
Learn from Miguel Ángel Fajardo, current CTO of Ninety Nine and ex-CTO of Geoblink, and Javier Sanz, CEO of Ninety Nine, about what it takes to turn an average fintech into a “gazelle” company amidst uncertain times and still not fail in the attempt.
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Thu, Apr 30
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Creciendo una startup de biotecnología en tiempos de crisis
Pablo Vidarte, CEO de Bioo, biotech nombrada la empresa más innovadora del continente por el Parlamento Europeo, hablará de cómo levantar campañas de fundraising con éxito y sobre su nuevo proyecto, Los Jardines de la Vida. ¡No te lo pierdas!
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Wed, Apr 15
Online Event
"Ask me anything" with Mario Brassesco
Mario Brassesco, Investment Manager is one of the most important venture capitals in Spain. He will make time to answer any questions you may have about the entrepreneurship world! Don't miss the opportunity!
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Mon, Apr 13
How to create true communities?
Weroad is a travel tech company that organizes trips all around the world! In just 4 months they got to grow their instagram to 340k and 11k in facebook!
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Mon, Feb 24
Fusion Point (Campus Sant Cugat)
Landing the Job you want!
Come and enjoy an afternoon with a professional job coach! You'll also have the opportunity to have private lessons!
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Tue, Feb 18
Egarage (Campus Sant Cugat)
DAVID GUAPO Garage talk
Conocido Humorista y Co-Founder de la startup de Goi, David Guapo viene a explicarnos como montó su startup y cuales fueron sus pasos! Se puede compaginar ser humorista con ser fundador de una startup?
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