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What if I don´t have experience to put in my CV?

It's normal not to have a lot of experience while studying! We totally understand that! If you can't seem to find any experience tell us your interests. Do you love design, politics or writing? Do you have the advance or any kind of certification from udemy or coursera? We want to get to know you better! Be yourself and you'll be fine!

Do you only accept spanish people in the aso?

Not at all! We welcome international students as much as Spanish students! Ou president is fom Venezuela, our vice-president from the Philippines and our Pedralbes pesident from Spain! As you can guess... the main language of ou aso is english!

Can a first year student apply?

Of course! We love the ideas and the excitement of first year students!

Is it very time consuming?

Depending on your implication! We do want all of our members to attend to the majority of the events that E3 organizes! Why would you go through the husstle of organizing and planning if you don't end up seeing the result of what you effort and dedication led to? No point! jejej

When will you tell me if I'm in?

Expect to receive a response from us 1-2 weeks after you apply as well as one special email 1 or 2 days after the deadline is over! We don't do personal interviews, we do a group challenge to actually test how would yu perfom in the field!

Startup Turbo

How are the teams made?

You will be able to make the teams but you'll need to take into account that you'll need to follow this criteria: - At least one designer - At leat one engeneer - At leat one ESADE student - Teams are made of 5 people

How long does it last?

It goes from friday afternoon to sunday night! (You do not sleep in ESADE...)

Where is this event taking place?

This event will take place in Fusion Point (Rambla of innovation, Sant Cugat)

Company visits

How much the do company visits cost?

They have a price of 5 euros! They include: - The visit - A document where you can find information about the company, resources and news so that you can get to know the company a little bit better before visiting! (You'll receive this document 1 week before the visit / 3 days before the visit)

How do we get there?

We'll meet directly in the location. If you don't know how to go, please send an email ( and we'll give you directions... maybe you are lucky and we can drive you there!

How long do the company visits last?

It depends on the company but... 1h - 1h30mins aprox.